MoviWear’s new medical platform —MoviWearMed —allows 24/7 virtual patient monitoring. Remote doctor appointments have quickly become the new norm. But what about monitoring patients when they are not hospitalised? With the urgent need to monitor people’s health virtually — in semi-supervised environments, at their retirement village or at home —a new medical platform was created to reinforce the new norm. MoviWearMed, with its 4G health monitoring smartwatch and it’s new vital-sign accessories, allows for live alerts of changes to heart rate, temperature and oxygen. Monitored in real time — remotely from our HIPPA compliant platform.
Helping your loved ones stay safe – remotely!

MoviWear was created in 2017 to help prevent catastrophes, like the one that affected the founder’s uncle, who died alone at home from a heart attack and was found two days later. MoviWear was created with the vision of alerting real-time changes to people’s health and safety. The MoviWearMed platform was created to do just that —monitoring and promptly alerting changes to people’s health, including falls and spikes or drops to vital signs. MoviWearMed is a robust health management portal. Its cloud-based platform enables for remote supervision 24/7 from anywhere to anywhere.

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